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Semi-Final + Results

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Semi-Final + Results Empty Semi-Final + Results

Post by Admin Jelle Mon Sep 21, 2015 8:20 am

Welcome to the semi's, GL.

Info: 3 clips, visible to judge and it must includge at least 20 seconds of dancing, no fading in & out, slow-motion or speeding up during the dancing part, color corrections and stuff like that is allowed. Just keep it simple so it won't distract the judges. This rule has been ignored many times.

Travsz vs Shkap
Dayn vs Phantom


Judged By Jelle:

Technique: 5.75/7 - Great technique, sometimes your movements are a little bit short tho and you made some misteps.

Fluidity: 4/5 - Your control and flow is so nice, especially because you are dancing to a track with a high BPM, and your technique & aggression is still good, this is very hard.

Rhythm: 4/5  - Like I said, it's insane that you can dance so fast but you're still hitting almost every beat, but you missed some beats too

Variety & Originality: 3.50/5 - The variation in these solos is very good, especially in the first solo, the originality is a little above the average originality

Energy: 4/5 - You showed a lot of aggression, but lost it while doing some movements

Total: 21.25

I can repeat this a 1000 times: There aren't many jumpers, that are aggressive, clean & fast at the same time, it impresses me every round.

Technique: 5.50/7 - You have a very clean style, but I think you're kicks should be higher.

Fluidity: 3.75/5 - Great flow, you lost it at some moments like 1:21

Rhythm: 4/5  - It's hard to dance to Silver Swirl, but you did a really great job with some beat breaks I've never soon.  

Variety & Originality: 4.50/5 - What can I say lol, you showed a lot new tricks in this video, and not many repititions.

Energy: 3.50/5 - You're aggression is certainly not bad but, the first solo contains a lot of energy, the other clips where a bit lower

Total: 21.25



Judged by skept


Technique 5/7
Rhythm 4.5/5
Flow 4/5
Energy 3/5
Variation & Originality 4.5/5

Total - 21


Technique 5.5/7
Rhythm 4/5
Flow 4/5
Energy 4.5/5
Variation & Originality 4/5

Total - 22


Judged by Paul

Technique (for me Clean movement and complex movement) Dayn slightly better bcs he try hard combos to do.
On Beat its for me a draw
Creativity clearly Dayn bcs he dont repeat himslef so much how Phantom does, + less basics
Energy Phanotm clearly
Balance draw for me, bcs its hard to say what is harder to keep by yourself under control, is it the balance with more energy or is it to keep balance on higher difficulty on tricks so its draw as well

for me the main reason why dayn win, is his creativity + movement to the music


Judged by Reece:


Technique 4.75/7 // Your technique is very good itself, but u had some mistakes esp in 3rd solo.
Rhythm 4/5 // just good onbeat, sometimes u were off
Fluidity 4/5 // you are very smooth, clean and just fluid. In second solo u was a little bit stiff - that's why u didnt get max from me
Energy 4.5/5 // Amazing energy, but sometimes u slowed down
Variation & Originality 3.5/5 // defo you know a lot of tricks and you know how to use them, but you are a little bit repetitive. And about originality - I've seen a lot of those combos i.e in wiewiors videos, but you arent exactly copy of him. You are trying to dance with ur style, but still.
Total - 20,75


Technique 4,5/7 // Almost the same for opponent, but sometimes you didn't finish some of ur moves and u started another move too quick.
Rhythm 4/5 // Again the same as for opponent.
Fluidity 4/5 // First solo is very smooth and fluid! Tobad that another two clips are a little bit stiffer
Energy 3.25/5 // Defo less energy than Phantom and u also slowed down sometimes.
Variation & Originality 4.25/5 // U tried a lot of trick which are harder to do, you are original as always also. U did repeat some of your moves. You also showed less basics which are important part of dance.
Total - 20

Result: Very fair fight - both of you are great jumpers and both of u did good. Dayn tried to do harder combos but probably because of that his energy was worse.
both of you have good technique, but Dayn did a little more mistakes. Your rhythm and fluidity was in similiar level.

Judged by Rise:

Technique: solid 6/7 Its amazing how great his technique is, considered his energy and speed.
Rhythm 4/5 Really solid and fast beat.
Fludity 4/5 Few mess ups here and there, but its natural given his speed.
Energy 4.5/5 His strongest point, almost a 5/5 for me.
Originality 3/5 his weakest point, but I guess it's hard to find new tricks. He just has this "solid" jump feel to him


Technique: 5/7 He messes up here and there and kind of looks like a ragdoll sometimes..
Fludity: 4/5 Though the ragdoll effect adds up to the fludity.
Variety: 4/5 Lots of nice tricks
Energy: 3/5 Just average. Its more speed than energy.
Rhythm: 4.5/5 Really nice and original on beat



Jelle: Draw
Paul: Dayn
Skept: Phantom
Reece: Phantom
Rise: Phantom

Winner: Phantom

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Semi-Final + Results Empty Re: Semi-Final + Results

Post by Shkap Sun Oct 11, 2015 12:05 am


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Semi-Final + Results Empty Re: Semi-Final + Results

Post by Dayn Sun Oct 11, 2015 5:01 am


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Semi-Final + Results Empty Re: Semi-Final + Results

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